In a city like Los Angeles there are too many events on a daily basis, both good and bad ones, so to be on the lookout is for me like reading the newspaper while having breakfast. There are free events, some others affordable, and other ones are prohibitive, but there’s nothing impossible, so, why not just try to live the moment?

So, I did not hesitate this time when I heard that Kim Kardashian West had opened a pop up store for her brand KKW BEAUTY. For this occasion I just dressed up in my DASH clothes -Kourtney, Kim & Khloe’s brand- that I bought at the DASH store in West Hollywood, when unfortunately it was almost about to close, two months ago.

KKW Beauty, Kim’s store, how could I explain it… there should just exist Kim’s style or Kim’s effect, or Kardashian’s in general. The store might look like small, or maybe not… I think it’s just the perfect space for it, it’s like a fusion of styles that only Kim is able to blend, it’s like an art gallery for make up, including all the necessary products to be naturally makeup, which is something important to me. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I don’t usually buy anything that I can’t try before, so I encourage you to try it, I liked the result very much. It’s very important that at any makeup place there is a professional who guide us on how to apply each product, like in KKW BEAUTY. In Spain you can get it online, but the pop up store will be at the Westfield Century City mall for one month, so for me it was just a matter of making a trip to the mall to attend the opening event -on June 20th-, try the products and tell you about it here, so I encourage you to try too, these products are worth your money.

Many times I have wondered why I like the Kardashian family so much, I think they are a very unique and united family, both in front and behind the cameras, something that is not easy to achieve, and I admire these family ties. But my main admiration for these sisters are that they carry their own style and they are always themselves, and thanks to that honesty they have predicted styles and trending, and those are details with which I identify myself. I do like to follow fashion and trending, but it’s more important to me to follow my own criteria even when it’s not trending at that time.


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